How our leads generated?

We have built relationships with key affiliates and pension and investment sites and we place controlled contact forms on to their sites to capture prospective client information.

We proactively monitor all data capture sites for compliance purposes to ensure that the initial information is line with FSA marketing guidelines.

We are specifically looking for:-

  • No pre-supposition that a pension transfer is the best course of action.
  • Client understanding that a Financial Adviser will call to offer an initially free consultation.
  • Information provided is clear, fair and not misleading.
  • Sufficient information being provided to the client regarding this service.
The lead is generated on the strength of the;
  • importance of a review of underlying charges,
  • review of investment risk
  • independent proactive or ongoing advice
  • potentially improved investment performance
  • pension income or tax free cash options.
  • Investment rates or returns are not quoted
  • Investment solutions (i.e. SIPP, Wraps) etc are not mentioned

Once completed this lead will be forwarded to you by email and text message in real time.

Why this approach?

We have invested in building our own, strategically targeted lead capturing websites and we have the benefit of relationships with other key websites and leading internet marketeers that have agreed to work with us on an affiliate basis, this gives us a many routes to market and ready made, high quality lead-traffic.

This in turn means that we are confident of being able to secure a steady stream of leads for our Financial Adviser clients, by acting as a 'clearing-house' for many sources of high quality lead-traffic.

Whilst successfully managing pension appointment setting campaigns for Financial Advice businesses across the country, and speaking to 'one-man-bands' through to nationals; we received invaluable market insight regarding the types of pension leads that financial advisers need to grow their business.

Once a working relationship is established with a Financial Adviser client, we also have the flexibility to research requested lead generation opportunities put to us by those Financial Adviser clients. For example, if they feel they can work with pension review cases that have a specific purpose i.e. the settlement in divorce cases, we can analyse the market to see whether these leads are available and financially viable.

We are confident we can help you grow your business regardless of size.

Please do give us a call on 0844 414 8218 or simply click here to register your interest and we will come straight back to you.