Access2advice has now launched a brand new service for financial advice firms that allows them to tap in to significant numbers of enquiries from prospective clients that are actively seeking a pension review.

How are these leads generated?
Our telephone lead generation partners are working with leading database owners that have opt-in clients that are happy to complete a telephone survey regarding the products and services that they buy and consume. Clients receive a call from a professional tele-marketer at a time that is convenient to them and are invited to complete the survey. Clients that request a review of existing pension benefits are then referred to Access2advice to forward to our Financial Adviser partners.

How do these differ from the normal Access2Advice leads?
Our telephone generated prospective clients have completed a questionnaire covering many areas, and requested a pension review as a part of that survey.

Our internet generated leads are clients that have searched online for specific pension related issues and completed their details requested contact from an adviser about that specific issue. Either they have asked to have their pension arrangements reviewed or they are looking to take an early cash lump sum from their existing pension.

What are the next steps?
Simply complete your details below and we will be in touch with more information, alternatively, please do contact us on
0844 414 8218 for more information.